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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mellow Monday

There's nothing quite like a relaxing day after a busy week or two.  Time seems to be flying by faster than I can keep up.  My Monkey is loving first grade, and I am loving her being in first grade.  I had forgotten what quiet time was like, or lunch dates without kiddie menus.  About the time I start missing her, it's time for her to come home.  School is really working out rather nicely.

Today was one of those sweet days with a sweet friend.  We had set up our 'date' a few weeks ago, and the anticipation was fun as I was being taken to a new place.  We both loved the historic establishments in the area, and watched a man almost get blown away by a tornado of leaves.  The colors were stunning!  We laughed, and we laughed some more, not at the man of course.  Okay, maybe a little bit at the man.   It was mellow, it was easy, and it was nice. 

Monday migraines are not so much fun, so when Monkey got home we cuddled and snuggled and made beaded necklaces.  More mellow, as it should be.

I've had some blogging ideas that I may incorporate later this week that may be fun...and could help me be a bit more consistant with my random posts.  But for now I must go, as Monkey is ready to read "This Little Pumpkin".  Time for this Mellow Monday to wind down....

Mellow Monday keywords:  Morris, Meriwether, Monkey

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