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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Blessings

Gosh, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve been on here and posted. I figured I’d better report that things are good, and the only thing gloomy lately is the weather.

We had a wonderful Easter. Kati is the perfect age to really get into it. The last couple of weeks at preschool have been filled with fun projects of eggs and baskets - as well as learning the history and story of the Resurrection. Her, Bahama and I had a great time coloring eggs and she was delighted with her Easter Basket that held her new pink Strawberry Shortcake basketball. Since Daddy’s been watching March Madness, she’s been interested in basketball. It’s been fun with a couple of hoops out back, though she is only interested in trying to figure out how to dribble.

We spent the day surrounded by friends and family and it really was very sweet. We were presented with Memory books of Chelsea that several worked at putting together for us. Kati has her own special book that I am so thankful for so she will always be able to see how much she was loved by her sissy. Haiden also put together a wonderful story book for Kati about Princess Chelsea, Princess Kati, the Dragon (cancer) and the Prince (Jesus). It is beautiful and will be treasured for years to come. I will try and get pics and the story posted on here soon for you all to see.

The migraine continues to keep me from the phone, but I’m hoping in the next few months to be feeling better than ever. We are looking forward to spring and summer…. BBQ’s, camping, vacations and simple weekend getaways. Jeff and I celebrate our 14 yr anniversary tomorrow - and I am so thankful for what God has done in us through this last year. He definitely gives us reason to be thankful and to celebrate.

So that’s about it for now. I hope to post again in the next few days.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Springtime Blues???

Springtime Blues?
Is that even possible?? Something happened when we turned the calendar to March. I don’t know how to explain exactly. I have been so anticipating spring … days at the park with Kati, walks with our dogs, cleaning up the much neglected yard. And I’ve loved the sunshine on the days we’ve had it.

But something’s changed. I didn’t really recognize it until I shared with a friend this morning. I'm finding this time of year is really weird for me... as last year we were just in the midst/beginning of chemo treatments. I remember feeling like we were constantly at the hospital so much that we missed spring and a big chunk of summer. Now that I get to enjoy the seasons again, I almost feel guilty doing so.... like I'd rather be at the hospital with my baby.
Not to worry though. This weirdness only comes in waves, and overall, we are doing really well. Kati is growing and maturing like crazy, and loves her preschool. It really will be nice to be outside more with her since she is so busy. She has friends that she constantly talks of and wants to spend time with.

Jeff is great. He takes such good care of us. We’re so thankful for the job that he has and for the friendships he has there. Though he has been there long enough (since before we met) that I tease him about being old. His salt and pepper hair proves it.

And I am good. I’m excited for summer and lots of time with friends and family. Physically, I am feeling better than I have in years. After Kati was born, the migraines had been intense daily. A new program that I’m on seems to be having some sweet results after just being on it a month. Since it’s a more holistic approach, I’m not having the negative side effects of so many other treatments that I’ve tried. I pray this continues, for I really do enjoy feeling better - and appreciate the good days like never before!

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital has invited us to their annual Memorial Service that honors and celebrates the lives of patients who have died this last year. That will be the first week in April. It will be good to connect with the other families that we knew, as well as the Doernbecher staff that we learned to love over those months. I’m sure it will be bittersweet. I’m so proud of my Chelsea Rae and the impact she has made. People have shared so much over the months about how Chelsea’s journey impacted them, that I truly do consider it an honor to be her mom.
God is good.

I recently heard a phrase that is so true (thanks Dionne!):

“ Sometimes God calms the storm.
Sometimes God lets the storm rage, and He calms His child. ”
- Author Unknown
With that I will close.

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