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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Isn't She Beautiful?!?

Beautiful, Isn't She?

Here it is, the gorgeous portrait of my baby done in oils! This photo portrays the painting well, but I wish you could see it up close - the details, the color.... how it goes perfect in our living room. I don’t think artist Lynee Sapere could have done a better job! The frame chosen is perfect for our home as well. A special thank you goes out to the Engineering Department at Comcast for this beautiful gift. It will be treasured for years to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To see more of Lynee’s work, you can go to Her homepage has a beautiful picture of the kite boarders on the Columbia River (Gorge) that I had mentioned in my “Simply Gorge-ous Weekend” post (a much better portrayal of the sport and beauty than the little photo that I tried to use). I love her work, and I love that she’s from the Gorge. I guess maybe I’m biased these days. Hmm.

So we had a wonderful time on Saturday at the “Love FROM Lexie” Celebration down in Brownsville. I was delighted to have that sweet bundle of joy all to myself for about 20 minutes - not long enough, but there were many wanting some of that love. The location in the park was perfect, and it was so nice to just hang out with the “cancer community”. To see Madilyn, McKenna, McKayla and Kennedy with smiles on their faces, outside in the fresh air, was very good for my soul. To connect with their parents again and just hang out was also good - for the last couple of months we had been feeling somewhat disconnected from them. I don’t want to be disconnected. God has allowed all this to happen for some reason, and even though things have changed, I sense that my time within this community isn’t over. I don’t know what my role is, but I hope to love on these families (and more!) for years to come.
Please keep Lexie and her family in your prayers. Her mom and dad are facing things that no parent should have to face, and at the same time sharing their sweet Lexie with others. Pray that Lexie remains comfortable and that the Lord’s peace cover and carry them all through this. He is faithful, we know.

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
he is my God,and I trust him.
Psalm 91:1,2


Barb Majors said...

The painting is BEAUTIFUL! Mom told me about it and I'm so thrilled at how wonderful it is. I can't wait to see it "up close and personal".

I'm glad you had a nice visit at Lexie's party. I know how special she and her family are to you and Jeff. And being able to connect with your friends, that's a nice thing too.

I know about being in a group that we had never wanted to be in and then once in, not wanting to be apart from. I sometimes marvel at the friendships that the Lord has given me and the opportunities to share His truth that I wouldn't have if not for that group of people who share similar hard roads! God has plans for you within this group and I know that He'll give you the strength to do what He's asking of you among them.

I love you!


emily said...

Just wanted to say that you are totally right, she IS beautiful! The artist truly did an awesome job. Love you lots! Sending you a BIG hug. Emily p.s. I emailed my friend who works up at OHSU, and I told her that Chelsea is now with Jesus. She told me that she's so sorry, but then she went on to say, "What a blessing though, that she is no longer suffering here on earth - can you imagine how happy Jesus must have been to see her?!?"
It makes me smile when I think about that. How I am sure Chelsea is making Him smile. Just wanted to share that with you!

Sheri Beymer said...

Hi,Sheri Beymer here...
We are neighbors of the McIntyres, so we knew Chelsea and were so amazed at the strength,bravery,faith, and maturity that she showed through her illness. I found out on 8/2/2007 that I have breast cancer. We were so shocked that we could not attend Chelsea's memorial that evening. Now I can say with certainty that I understand what at least part of Chelsea's purpose was in her short time here on this earth. It was to be a wonderful example to me of what a strong,God-loving person can be like in the face of an illness like cancer. I want to be just like Chelsea when I grow up. Ok, I am a grandmother, but you understand what I am saying. She has given me courage that I didn't think I could have. I go in for a mastectomy on friday 8/24. I know that Chelsea will be watching over me with God standing right beside her. I am one of the luckier ones. I have been told that I will go in with cancer and come out of the surgery cancer free. I just hope that my Journey will inspire someone else as much as Chelsea has inspired me. That little lady had it all under control.

My husband Rod was over visiting with them in the yard one evening, and when he came back he said that all of a sudden Chelsea broke into a big smile about something, and he thought her smile was big enough and beautiful enough to light up the whole neighborhood in the dark of night. What a wonderful way to remember such a special young lady.

We feel especially blessed that we were lucky enough to get to know Chelsea. Everyone should have a special person like her touch their lives.

Love to you Jeff, Celeste & Kati as your part of the Journey continues.

Rod & Sheri Beymer

Anonymous said...

Hello Celeste,

What a wonderful painting!! It is absoulutley beautiful!! I am so glad that you got to be with Lexie and her family. You are such a wonderful person and I know the Lord has special things in line for you. I love you girl!


Lori said...

It's strange to be a part of a cancer community when your fight is over, isn't it? But I think all who have been down this road need to stay connected. Survivors need to connect because they represent hope. That's an easy one. Our presence is a little tougher. We can be a scary reminder of what may come. But you're right, God has given us this burden for a reason. And as many follow in our footsteps, we can provide the unique comfort that comes from experience.

I am grateful that the cancer community still embraces me. And I pray that God uses me. I'm thankful that you are willing to stay connected. We are all blessed to know you and to stand with you.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

emily peterson said...

Thinking of you and praying for you...that's what I'm doing! I love you with all my heart, Celeste!

Lynee Sapere said...

A friend of mine recently ran across your blog while doing a search on my name and told me about it. I read all the posts with tears streaming down my face. No, I never actually knew Chelsea, but she sounds extraordinary. I am so pleased you and your loved ones liked the painting. But what is most "beautiful" is the love & compassion of your family and friends. I myself am a breast cancer survivor (12 years) so I understand the importance of support - from your family, your group, and your faith.

Ironically, I sit down today to begin two portraits of children - the first portraits (other than sports or pets or other commissions) since I painted Chelsea. I've had the commission for a couple months but not been able to devote the time because of shows until today - 2 days after reading your blog. Embarking on each commission is a leap of faith and one I psych myself up for ("inspiration") - as we are all basically insecure. So this came to me exactly when I needed it. I'll now get away from my computer and try to capture something special on my canvas. This blog isn't "about me" or my art, but it has affected me deeply and I thank you again. -Lynee