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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Endorphins, the BEST Medicine!

One Day at a Time…
…. One moment at a time….
…. One second at a time…..

What a weird couple of weeks this has been. I have totally been feeling out of sorts to say the least. I had had a couple of weeks of migraine relief which was so nice. Then last week, it hit hard and fast and had me down for several days. Those days were really tough, probably the toughest yet in all this.

So I keep looking for those little things that make me smile. God promises to always meet us, to never give us more than we can bear. He is faithful. I have to admit though, on those days that I’m in a “funk”, I don’t really see the little things through all my tears. But guess what? He counts those too. When I think I get so far from Him, I realize how close He really is. It’s in those times that I have to trust, to walk in faith.

Little things make me smile. A kind word of encouragement, a kiss on the cheek from a friend, the sound of my fountain and wind chimes, Kati’s giggles. My puppy makes me smile… lots! He’s so soft and cuddly and all he wants is to be close to me. Watching my dogs play, growling like bears (appropriate since the pup looks almost like a mini polar bear at times). Okay, with that one, I’m not just smiling… I’m full out laughing, sometimes on the floor even! Helping with the men’s breakfast at church, or preparing to dig into the Angel Tree project. Hearing positive updates from other kids with cancer. Brand new babies and lunches with friends. Really good coffee made by really sweet ladies (snicker doodle with a dash of cinnamon is my most recent flavor fave - add an extra shot, would ya?)

Kati’s preschool paintings. Now there’s something that really makes me smile. This lil’ girl loves to paint and recently came home with the most beautiful picture of the ocean - fish and all! Or her excitement for her birthday party coming up. If you really want to grin, you should hear her and our neighbor’s sweet lil’ ones giggling and singing together. Stinkin’ cute I tell ya! And when I reflect on how our neighborhood used to be just a few years ago compared to now, I smile. Before Kati, there weren’t small children, now we are surrounded with lil’ playmates for her. And what great neighbors we have all around… good friendships have been developing these last few years, and for that I am thankful.

If I get the focus off myself and my pain, then there is much joy in the simple things. I have to remember that Chelsea doesn’t have pain anymore and she would want me to smile (why that brings guilt, I’ll never know…).

So then, I have to wonder… does anyone relate?
When you’re having a rough go of things, as we all do - what types of things make you smile?

Please leave a comment - it will make me smile!
(but know that it does take a while to post - I have a filter set, so it takes a lil’ longer… but don’t let that stop ya : )

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Kailey said...


Smile, smile, smile!! :-D
Sorry I don't have anything funny to say....that is not a gift God gave me.

Keep drinkin' your coffee, and squeeze Kati tight!
~Kailey Schneemann~

Barb Majors said...

What makes me smile? For one, Kati agreeing with me that you can never have too much purple! Gotta love that girl!!!

We haven't had too much smiling around here lately. I've begun to feel convicted that I'm not considering it all joy when I go through hard James reminds us to do.

But I'm beginning to find joy in watching Collin's bunny hop around the house, the boys playing soccer (I love being a soccer mom!), Cam loving school, planning my scrapbook room from the playroom.

I'd started looking for more things to make me smile even before your timely post. The reminder is so wonderful!

Oh, one more smile-maker...when Daniel asks me when he can go back to Aunt C's because he had such a great time...that makes me smile because he's really becoming aware of some feelings of happiness and fun.


Emily said...

Oh! Your puppy is sooo cute. I can definitely see how he can make you smile! And of course, Kati. She makes ME smile every time I see her! I love helping out in Cubbies because the kids make me smile so much! As to the other things that make me smile...hmm...emails from my Uncle Mike! He is so goofy and he always knows exactly how to make me smile and laugh - even at times when I'm sad he has no trouble getting a smile out of me! He lives in Texas so I don't get to see him too often, but even his emails are goofy and brings a smile to my face! Seeing my baby cousin makes me smile big time because she ALWAYS has a smile on that pretty face of hers and it is so contagious! Well, those are just a few of the things... now I gotta get back to doing schoolwork, now that is one thing that DOESN'T make me smile LOL!
Love you! Emily

Lori said...

Lately...give me a kiddo to play with and I'm all smiles. Though we've only played together a couple of times, I'm particularly smitten with this adorable little girl named Kati. What energy and imagination she has!

Coming home to find progress on the house remodel makes me smile. More of a smile of relief than anything so that may not count.

Hmmmm... Chocolate. A soft bed. Big hugs. Good news. Making a difference. God's grace. Hope.

Anne said...

Text messages from my sister make me smile...and so do kisses from my dog...and peaceful walks on the beach.

Love ya Sis and hug that Kati for me (her hugs make me smile too!)

Anonymous said...

MARISSA has left a new comment on your post "Simply Gorge-ous Weekend":

Hey Celeste,
Just wanted to tell ya' that i'm thinking of you today and i'm praying for you!
Love and hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me smile! I love how you consistently reach out to the Lord through the pain. I believe that He is pleased with your journey, Celeste.

You make Him smile when you focus on things of Phil.4:8. I believe He smiles when we praise Him when we are going through the awful storms this life holds. I too, look for things to make me smile these days (especially when my best friend, my hubby, is 2700 miles away for SO long!). I think we do need to look for things to make us smile, but also look for things that make Jesus smile. (Not that you don't know this - just offering my thoughts - they're for myself too!)

Love you,


Sheri Beymer said...

Hey there, girlfriend !
I so understand- at least in part- what you are dealing with. Since my mastectomy on 8/24, life has turned into a crazy roller coaster that I sometimes can't keep up with. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones ! It can be really tough to take the 'stone' days and try to make them better. Part of what helps me is that I still 'talk' to Chelsea and ask her to keep holding my hand along with God till I can walk this path with more confidence. Some days the only way I get through is knowing that she is on one side and God is on the other 'carrying' me over the rough parts of the road that I cannot navigate alone.

So,then...........what makes me laugh ? Having you for a neighbor and knowing that whenever we get together for a quick visit, we are not going to be doing anything but laughing at one another and enjoying the fact that we can. Seeing little Kati being such a 'big girl' and always having such a big smile and having such a good time makes me smile.

Sometimes when I can turn a 'stone' day into a 'little diamond' day makes me smile.

Knowing that God is taking care of both of us is a huge smile!!

Knowing that both of us can laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriousely makes me smile.

Well then............. guess we all have a lot to smile about when we really stop long enough in this race through life to look, listen, and apreciate what we have, and trust in God to take care of everything else. After all, the lemons we get ARE for lemonade, right ?

Stay strong, keep the faith, and keep smiling ! A good belly laugh is better medicine than anything else. Cry till you can laugh, then laugh till you cry. Dance like nobody is watching you. Sometimes one has to LET the happiness IN. makes everyone wonder what you have been up to !!!


Anonymous said...

What makes me smile - Yummy white sauce on pizza; Cowboys gettin the job done... just under the wire; little girls playing together, even if they act like sisters sometimes; frogs in the grass; company of wonderful friends; pony rides; hay rides; bright orange pumpkins envoking bright smiles; wind in your hair; grace!!!! Love you babe.