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Friday, September 21, 2007

Love for Lexie... and Colby

Another precious baby girl went home to be with Jesus last night. Beautiful, sweet Lexie Thornton is snuggling in Jesus’ arms as I type this.

I don’t have many words. I had hoped to share more in memory of such a sweetie. Maybe it’s that I can’t put such emotions into words.

my favorite pic of Lexie and her mommy

As I was typing this, I learned of another sweet baby who went home the same day. Colby McEntire - a case similar to Chelsea's, and I am so thankful that he is not hurting anymore. I never met him personally, but had been in contact with his mom. Please remember these families in your prayers. The heartache they are experiencing is indescribable - yet I hold on to the truth that God is good. He knows.

Colby's Green Gator

So with that, I will end with a song I wrote several years ago when some dear friends experienced a miscarriage. Over the years, it has been passed on several times. I remember when I wrote it, just imagining how horrible that it must be to lose a child. Little did I know that the Lord was giving me the song for my own comfort as well. I know you can’t “hear” it, but when sung, it sounds like what I’d picture a Jewish Lullaby sounding like.


There isn’t anything that anyone can say,
Even less that anyone can do
Except lift you up in our thoughts and prayers
And remind you just how much we love you

As our Father brings home your sweet baby child
We pray you find comfort in His arms
He will love you, protect you
And keep you near His heart
Even when you think you can’t go on

There is so much that we don’t understand
But He never gives us more than we can bear
This too, He will use to build and strengthen you
But for now, just reach out grab His hand

He loves you, hurts with you and wipes your every tear
From the pain you think you can’t endure
But His is the plan we must rely on
For soon you’ll be home

You will feel no more pain and suffering
And Baby will be in your arms


Sharon Brown said...

Celeste, all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. What a beautiful song God gave you. Thank you for sharing it.

Krissy Keelan said...

I can't even begin to imagine the pain these families are going through, but you and Jeff can sure relate. Our hearts and prayers go out to you all!!!

SharonK said...

Dearest Celeste,
I responded before but do not think it went through so I will try again. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that you are my beautiful niece who is such a light to so many people. I loved your song and know it will bring comfort in need. I would just like to hear you sing it sometime.
My heart breaks for Lexie & Colby's family and I am sending lots of prayers and blessings continually to you and Jeff and Katie and now to your friends.
I take heart in the fact that I know we will all get to be reunited and the time really will not be so far off as it feels like it is now. I am also trusting that we will understand why we have had to endure what we must in this life as our life plan is revealed.
You are wonderous in your gifts and I know the Lord is well pleased with you.
I love you, Aunt Sharon

Lori said...

Darn it, I hate following Aunt Sharon. That's twice now! I gotta start getting in her earlier or something. :) Aunt Sharon, you are amazing. I can imagine I would feel closer to heaven just by sitting in your presence.

Now, back to you my friend. Losing all of these kids in the past few months is really taking a toll on me. I'm putting on some prayer armor for our entire cancer community because I sense that the enemy is using this time of weakness to gain a foothold. Do you know what I mean? I only wish my own journey had endowed me with the perfect words or wisdom to help comfort these broken families. And then I read your beautiful song. Clearly God has gifted you. Thank you for sharing it. I praying for you as always!

Krissy Keelan said...

It was great to see you and Jeff yesterday. I only wish it could have been under different circumstances and that we could have chatted more. We only have 2 more inpatient chemos. You guys should come visit sometime.
Sending lots of love and prayers your way from the Keelans